The Praguery Caters During COVID-19

– Heroes, Inspiration, and Wonderful Memories along the Vancouver Hospital Tour!

During such a crazy time as COVID-19, opportunities can become available in unexpected places – such as our recent Vancouver Hospital Tour!
These last several months have been one of the most surreal, crazy, and stressful times since we began our business. As a result of COVID-19, like so many other restaurants and food trucks, we found ourselves scrambling to adapt to a whole new world, and completely different terms, trying to operate a business during a pandemic.

The Praguery has been taking advantage of the time not just perfecting new recipes and exploring potential new products, but making ourselves available to help where we can during such trying times.

Family Owned Vancouver Food Truck

One such occasion arose and we couldn’t have been happier to provide: serving the inspiring, hardworking, and seemingly tireless staff of several Vancouver hospitals. The Praguery Vancouver Hospital Tour allowed us to bring our uniquely delicious European street food to essential hospital workers doing an incredible job in the fight against COVID-19. And it allowed these incredible individuals to enjoy an easy-to-eat treat or meal on-the-go between patients and vital hospital tasks.

A great way for us to give back – bring our catering service and chimney cakes to so many people doing incredible work and in need of nutritious and delicious food on the run. We visited Surrey Memorial Hospital, North Shore Hospice, Lion’s Gate Hospital, and Vancouver General Hospital. We felt like a bakery on wheels – we left our kitchen at 6 am to bake everything on the spot onsite.

So gratifying! It was great seeing the hospital staff excited to see us at each stop. We love to see the delighted expressions with the first bite of our cones! That we’re providing goodness to those who work so hard to keep us safe… just that much more satisfying. And the perfect fit for The Praguery, as our mobile units are completely self-sufficient making it fast and easy for us to set up and get serving food as quickly as possible, just about anywhere. With our talented crew on board, we can accommodate large Vancouver hospitals as easily as just about any event, without delay – our signature Prague cones can be made and served in 40 seconds flat, start to finish!


Our Catering Menu

Our vegan-friendly European pastries are made on-site, right before your eyes, to enjoy fresh, hot, and always delicious, no matter the flavours or fillings you include. From the chimney cone dough to the soft-serve ice cream that goes inside it, we make everything from scratch.

Our subtly sweet and delicious chimney cones, a terrific treat or a snack, is great for just about every kind of event from festivals to company picnics to weddings to serving the dedicated and hardworking staff of a large Vancouver hospital.

For dessert or a sweet delicacy, the popular Prague cone is our signature. A rotisserie-baked pastry filled with our handmade vanilla soft-serve ice cream and a sweet topping of your choice – chocolate, berry, and lemon filling, as well as apple strudel, caramel pecan, mango, and strawberry.

For those wanting a subtle-y sweet treat, we offered them our simple, yet beloved, chimney cake – a fluffy pastry (crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside) dipped in spice. With everything from shredded coconut, almond, and our personal favourite, cinnamon and sugar, the challenge is choosing just one!

We are sensitive to customer preferences and dietary needs. Our menu has been thoughtfully created to provide even for those with dietary restrictions – everyone can enjoy our unique brand of street food!

Not just for feeding hungry hospital staff — catering an event with The Praguery is SO EASY!

Our fully equipped food trucks can go anywhere and everywhere, even hospital parking lots! With two self-contained food trucks (independent power and water source), it’s so easy to arrive and get started, serving our scrumptious, homemade Prague cones and chimney cakes to hungry patrons and guests.

The Praguery catering is available throughout the Greater Vancouver region, as far as Maple Ridge. Just give us a call!

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