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We take this mouthwatering dessert to the next level, filling our chimney cakes with creamy, homemade ice cream. While you can choose to eat the chimney cakes plain, you can also make them your own with different fillings and toppings. Read more
Family Owned Vancouver Food Truck
The Praguery offers you our unique and delicious brand of vegan ice cream to fill our mouthwatering Prague cones! Read more
chimney cake food truck in Vancouver
Catering Vancouver hospitals and how we couldn’t have been happier to provide: serving the inspiring and hardworking staff. Read more
chimney cake dessert food truck
Over the last few years, The Praguery food truck has been serving delicious European desserts across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. From chimney cakes to our sweet Prague cones, we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy. Read more
Vancouver food truck chimney cakes
With chimney cakes and Prague cones seen in every hand in the Olympic Village, there was no doubt we needed to expand in order to satisfy our customers.. Read more