Handrolled chimney cakes


Eat them plain or make them your own with different toppings and fillings made in-house from natural, locally sourced ingredients.

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strudel pastry dessert in downtown Vancouver
MR. Strudel
Apple pie filling, ice cream or whipped cream, cinnamon dust, chocolate chip
fresh mango pastry in Vancouver area
House-made mango filling, mango coulis, chocolate chips
non vegan and vegan dessert vancouver
Milk or dark chocolate, mix berries, whipped cream, chocolate chip
Nutella filled Chimney cake Vancouver
Soft serve, Nutella® drizzle, nuts, chocolate chips
pistachio & icecream filled chimney cake Vancouver
Pistachio coulis, crushed pistachios, chocolate chips
chimney cone topped with caramel and nuts
House-made caramel sauce, candied pecans, chocolate chips
Vegan pastry with coconut
Shredded coconut
chimney cake almond pastries in Vancouver
Crushed Almonds
cinnamon sugar chimney cakes Vancouver
Cinnamon & Sugar
homemade strawberry lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
Made from fresh strawberries
fresh homemade lemonade
Lemon Lemonade
Freshly squeezed always taste good
blended strawberry lemonade - fresh juice vancouver
Half & Half
Mix of lemon and strawberry, yass!
Vegan pastry in Vancouver area
Cones Box
Freshly baked cones with coatings and fillings of your choice!
Office Catering in Vancouver - Dessert

Handcrafted With Dairy Free & Vegan Options

Our vegan dough is made from natural ingredients and always made fresh every day on demand. Yes, sometimes our awesome team makes a fresh batch every two hours.

Our standard is high. We love working with fresh fruits and sourcing good ingredients from local producers. Therefore, we make our gourmet fillings and topping from scratch using berries from local farmers such a Paul’s Produce in Abbotsford.

Our ice cream is made from BC organic milk, combined with the highest quality ingredients imported from Italy and Belgium. A truly unique, European-inspired street food that delights and will keep you coming back for more!

Make a splash at your next event and serve something truly different and memorable! The Praguery Vancouver Food Trucks are available for private events and wedding catering.