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Cordova St Gastown McArthurGlen

Rohit Lehal AvatarRohit Lehal
Their softserve ice creams are one of my favs - 9/04/2023 
Nancy Breedveld AvatarNancy Breedveld
I went to the Praguery location in the COHO storefront at white rock beach. Since their chimney cakes are baled on demand for freshness, it took 13-14 mins for our orders to be made. They let us know before hand which was good. The chimney cakes themselves were slightly overcooked and toasty on the outside. It was still enjoyable and tasty. - 8/24/2023 
Ricardo LD AvatarRicardo LD
Delicioso. - 8/21/2023 
Daisy Vo AvatarDaisy Vo
Right near the Sea to Sky Gondola. Great ice cream but didn’t eat the chimney cake since it was hard to chew. Got the mango! - 8/19/2023 
Aarohi Brar AvatarAarohi Brar
Had the blueberry and Caramel ice creams. Loved the texture and the taste. The biscoff on the caramel was great as well. I couldn't get enough of it. Next time I'll definitely get a double. Hopefully I can visit you guys again soon. Definitely want to try other flavours! - 8/19/2023 
Kamaljit Rattu AvatarKamaljit Rattu
Best soft serve with different flavors. One the best soft serve.👌👌 - 8/12/2023 
Monique Bernard AvatarMonique Bernard
Absolutely Delicious. - 8/08/2023 
mridula malav Avatarmridula malav
Ice cream are tasty. though not a variety offered but whatever is on the menu is worth a try. The cinnamon cones are the nest part of it. We ordered postachio and my friend ordered nutella flavour both were yummy. - 8/07/2023 
Mansirat Kaur AvatarMansirat Kaur
Amazingly delicious - 8/06/2023 
V8 Tractor AvatarV8 Tractor
very good! - 8/05/2023 
Liz Basson AvatarLiz Basson
A nice little surprise. Vegan Mango Ice Cream. A different twist on the Cone. Perfect for a summer day. Highly recommended. #makeItVegan - 8/04/2023 
G&S T&H AvatarG&S T&H
Very delicious - 8/04/2023