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Cordova St Gastown McArthurGlen

Henry Chen AvatarHenry Chen
Had the ice cream at sea to sky gondola base. Really creamy and tasty, love it. - 5/27/2023 
Ponda Baba AvatarPonda Baba
OMG these are to die for. Unreal. Soft ice cream served in a modified Kurtos Kalacs with unbelievable toppings. A fantastic indulgence. I will be having another. ☺ - 5/26/2023 
Tamara Gouthro AvatarTamara Gouthro
Went there yesterday. Service was great and it was awesome talking to the cashier who seemed like a very interesting person. Their vegan ice cream was quite nice as well. My beer took a while to be served but I think they were just busy and forgot about it. But the young man serving us felt bad about that and apologized numerous times for it. Needless to say I recommend going there 👍 - 5/23/2023 
Noella Chu AvatarNoella Chu
The ice cream was very soft and creamy, the pistachio coulis was great. The cinnamon bun was a bit hard and the waiting queue was long. You can have a try if you have time. - 5/23/2023 
Brian Shaler AvatarBrian Shaler
Honestly it’s a little overkill, but I can see why people love it. The cone is the highlight for sure and I was surprised that for the high price it only takes them 30 seconds to make it. It’s a must try for dessert lovers. - 5/11/2023 
Alfred Tsang AvatarAlfred Tsang
Overall experience was great, but originally I would like to try the lotus one and was told it takes 15mins to wait - 4/29/2023 
Eva G AvatarEva G
Delicious European Treat everyone has to try! - 4/25/2023 
Belinda Burton AvatarBelinda Burton
My daughters found out about these chimney cones via Instagram and this was on their list of things we had to track down. With expectations high coming all the way from Australia and building for months, I was relieved when we 1. found the relevant food truck and 2. the cones lived up to expectations. - 4/18/2023 
Todd Hodgins AvatarTodd Hodgins
If you think of this as an $11 softserve icecream in a pastry then it will be overpriced and disappointing. But if you think that the highlight is the pastry (cone) topped with softserve and premium sprinkled flavours such as pistacio or hazelnut spread, then it will be a delight. - 4/02/2023 
Innah Garcia AvatarInnah Garcia
A confession: I sometimes go to the outlet just to get their ice cream! It’s worth the travel. Staff are always polite and everything I had tried here is just so good! Will definitely recommend. 👍🏼 - 4/02/2023 
Kenneth Lai AvatarKenneth Lai
Mr Strudel and Pistachio are our favorites! - 4/02/2023 
Dhrumit Sheth AvatarDhrumit Sheth
Hands down one of the best soft serve ice cream I ate in my life! I loved their ice cream in cup as well with chimney cake. Chimney cake is delicious as well! All flavors of ice cream are delicious! I would definitely recommend this for anyone who loves ice cream! - 4/02/2023