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Cordova St Gastown McArthurGlen

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rouzbeh rouzbehani Avatarrouzbeh rouzbehani
Try it ? - 11/21/2023 
Tasha K AvatarTasha K
So good, definitely a must! Creamy soft serve icecream, delicious chimney cakes and the best toppings/sauces. Yummy chimney cakes are made fresh to order. The hot chocolate is so yummy too. They are located throughout the city and open daily - 11/19/2023 
Sofia Ramírez AvatarSofia Ramírez
Such a big ice cream, made with dough, chocolate chips and jam. It's so sweet that I recommend you to share because it would be a dosis of extra sugar for the day. Because it's big, it melts, so you have to eat fats. There are mini spoons that can help you to do it. Bon Appétit ? - 11/08/2023 
Asad Jahangir (Lion) AvatarAsad Jahangir (Lion)
Good soft serve ice-cream. Personally I think the idea is right but the execution fails. Not my type of ice-cream - 11/08/2023 
Yalda Sohrabi AvatarYalda Sohrabi
Amazing Ice crean but their customer service was not good. - 11/02/2023 
Corey Sutherland AvatarCorey Sutherland
Great way to finish your afternoon at the sea to sky gondola. - 10/18/2023 
Spike Luk AvatarSpike Luk
We finished dining at another restaurant in the outlet centre and decided to try Praguery’s offerings. We were just going to order one to share but after waiting in line for them to solve their payment issues I had to order two. They were super yummy. The pistachio and mango toppings were delicious. The cinnamon cones were different and offered a layer of texture and flavouring. The insides of the cones had chocolate chips to plug the ends. They were filled with pistachios and mango syrup and strips. My only complaint was the vanilla soft serve was a little too soft. It would have been perfect if it was firmer. Overall I highly recommend trying a cone. - 10/09/2023 
Robert Caron AvatarRobert Caron
It's not a weekday dessert, but it's an honest one. Very sweet, a bit hard to eat. Not the best soft serve, but the spit cake was filled to the bottom, there was bit of Buenos throughout the thing. I might not go back for some time but I can recommend without hesitation. - 9/23/2023 
Kelly Hrelja AvatarKelly Hrelja
Fun and tasty soft serve! The chimney cake cone (the best part) is always perfectly cooked. - 9/18/2023 
Harsh Patel AvatarHarsh Patel
Best icecream experience I've had in a while. The combination of a softie and the special cone is delicious - 9/18/2023 
Rohit Lehal AvatarRohit Lehal
Their softserve ice creams are one of my favs - 9/04/2023 
Nancy Breedveld AvatarNancy Breedveld
I went to the Praguery location in the COHO storefront at white rock beach. Since their chimney cakes are baled on demand for freshness, it took 13-14 mins for our orders to be made. They let us know before hand which was good. The chimney cakes themselves were slightly overcooked and toasty on the outside. It was still enjoyable and tasty. - 8/24/2023