Everything is better with good food

Don´t throw boring parties or events! Let our catering to spice it up!


It took us a lot of time and effort to upgrade traditional East European street food into something really, really yummy. And filling. And easy to bite. Now we´re happy to share it via our dessert trucks wherever and whenever you need to (well, almost). We even love to do wedding catering!
Just let us know.

Praguery Cones

Everybody love ice cream.
And the cones are so fluffy.
Just melting in mounth.


Savoury Cones

You gonna love our catering hero.
It’s crispy and juicy and delicious.
Really delicious.


Chimney Cakes

A fluffy dough dipped in spice.
And it’s hot. What a great cake.
And you know what? It taste great
cold too.


So many kinds of yummy.

It all starts with a dough. Freshly prepared every day, vegan friendly, rotisserie-baked in front of you and pretty damn good by itself. However, the fun part comes with toppings and fillings that kick the final treat into so many areas of taste you didn´t even know existed. Ice cream catering? Savoury catering? You name it, we´ve got it all!

Good enough even for Vancouver.

We spent quite a lot of time and energy to fine-tune the traditional East European recipe for discerning palates of Vancouverites. We are pretty sure we‘ve succeeded: wherever in Vancouver people catch a whiff of our amazing treats being baked, they turn into queue-standing lemmings.

Just say where and when.

Great party or great work can happen at the most unusual places. Vancouver party catering? Let us add some more fun! Corporate catering? Our food will make ideas flow. We´re ready to throw in our part of fun with two Praguery food trucks with their own source of power and water. All we need is a little heads-up and the best catering is on its way.

Now some boring legal and technical stuff

Terms and conditions

Don´t throw run of the mill parties or events, spice it up!


Food Truck Dimension
Praguery food truck #1 is 22 ft long
Praguery food truck #2 is 28 ft long


Sorry to bother, but you know, times are tough. Before the event, we need to get a deposit from you. It´s 50% of the total contract price. The deposit is a non-refundable.


Don´t forget to check our availability in advance. We are getting pretty popular lately and we would hate to see your event ruined by our absence!

Still undecided?

Check where we are at the moment
and come for a bite!

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