The Praguery was born in Vancouver 2016

The traditional taste of Europe with a distinctly modern flare!


The Founder

Jaroslav Mestka, known as Jaro (Yaro), was born in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

After years observing visitors to Prague and locals alike, enjoying trdelník, traditional Czech street food, he realized the potential of expanding the reach of his favourite traditional European food – a future world hit!

Upon moving to Canada, Jaro discovered that Vancouver would be the ideal place to introduce his favourite meal to a whole new market of food truck lovers. Thus, The Praguery was born.


We Love Making Delicious and Memorable Food!

First, we have fun creating delectable sweet treats for our growing legion of customers!

Second, we are SO grateful to receive a ton of positive feedback as our food trucks travel to some of the coolest and most beautiful locales in the world.

Third, we get the bonus of being able to eat and enjoy our product – a lot!


We Love Our Product and Want to Share It With You!

We absolutely love what we create — which inspires us each and every day to work hard and do our very, very best to keep providing exceptional quality and flavour with each and every treat, snack, and meal we produce.


What’s all the hype about, anyway?!

The delicious Chimney Cake – a tasty cone of mouth-watering goodness!


Traditional East European treat with a taste out of this world. Prague Cone is derived from that, a similar thing, just narrow at one end, so it can hold all the goodies we add, such as our amazing ice cream and/or fresh fruits.

The diversity of this treat makes it perfect for your next party or event – try our catering in Vancouver!

Praguery Cones


Chimney Cakes


How does The Praguery Chimney Cake taste?

Like nothing you’ve eaten before! Inspired by the traditional recipe – which is SO GOOD! – we’ve worked hard to make it EVEN BETTER for our discerning 21st-century customers. Your tastebuds will be delighted!


How traditional is it?

Dating back to 1450, the chimney cake originated in Transylvania (we know Vlad the Impaler would have loved them!) and is now celebrated as the oldest pastry in Hungary.

A popular street food today, the dough is coated with oil and sugar, and when baked creates a delectable crispy, crunchy outside (somewhat like a hot pretzel), with a delicious, tender inside.


What’s in a name?

Hungarians call it Kürtőskalács, Czechs call it trdelník. We challenge you to pronounce it, either way! Regardless, it’s delicious.


To make it easier for everyone, we just refer to this incredible and popular treat as a Chimney Cake (not to be mistaken for funnel cake) – a hollow column of deliciousness, served on its own or stuffed with your favourite fillings.

Kürtöskalács, trdelník, chimney cake, funnel cake, Prague Cone… no matter what you call it –– just call The Praguery!