The Praguery Story

A Taste of Prague

Bringing an authentic taste of Prague to Vancouver, The Praguery features fresh-baked, sweet and savoury Chimney Cakes  inspired by the popular Czech dessert trdelnik, and Prague’s Cones  filled with soft-serve ice cream and coated with premium toppings.

Made daily with fresh, local ingredients, our menu  items are sure to satisfy taste buds of all ages and make you hooked after just one bite!

There’s No Place Like Home

Born and raised in Prague, Jaroslav Mestka moved to Vancouver in 2014 with little more than a suitcase, a dream to start a unique business, and fond memories of his favourite treat trdelnik (chimney cakes), a popular Czech dessert that originated in Transylvania, known as Kürtöskalács.

He remembered all the smiling faces in the crowds that would gather on street corners to watch this delicious, tunnel shaped doughnut dessert being made right before their eyes. Burned into his memory were the mouth-watering aromas wafting through the streets as the yeast raised pastry (known as a trdelnik in Czech) was baked on an open grill, then topped with cinnamon sugar while it was still piping hot.

Who could resist stopping by to taste a bite of this warm, freshly baked, melt-in-your-mouth pastry delight?

Hungry for his childhood treat, he became inspired to find a way to share this doughy goodness with his new community and diligently went to work to bring a taste of his home town to Vancouver.

And so began the story of The Praguery, the food truck that now proudly serves these sweet and savoury creations to smiling West Coast crowds and provides catering services for local parties or corporate events.


Go fresh

 Our dough is vegan-friendly and made from scratch every morning using quality, local ingredients so it always has that fresh home-cooked taste.

We bake our Chimney Cakes on order so you can enjoy them while they’re still fresh and warm off the grill. And we bake them right before your eyes so you can watch the magic happen as the fresh dough is wrapped around a wooden cylinder and rotisserie-baked until it has that perfect crunch on the outside but stays soft, doughy and full of home-cooked flavour on the inside.

Choose from a variety of sweet or savoury toppings

Go traditional with sugar and cinnamon, or choose from a variety of premium toppings like crushed almonds or shredded coconut.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for something savoury like bacon and cheese. We’ve got that too!

Have a craving for some ice cream? Cool down on hot days with our seasonal Prague’s Cones, coated with cinnamon and sugar and filled with premium soft-serve vanilla ice cream.

Whether you go sweet or savoury, hot or cool, you’ll always find the perfect snack on our menu.*

*Some of our menu items contain dairy, nuts and/or eggs. If you’re concerned about food allergies, please ask our staff about safe diet options.

What the heck is a Chimney Cake?

Chimney Cakes are delicious bread-like, rotisserie-baked pastries that originated from the Transylvania region. They were first made by Hungarian settlers and were named Kurtos Kalacs (Chimney Cakes) because of the hollow shape of the pastry, which looks like a smoking chimney once it’s baked and served hot off the grill.

Baked fresh on an open grill and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, the original chimney cake recipe eventually spread into other parts of Europe and soon became a popular Czech dessert called Trdelnik that’s still sold on the street corners of Prague today.

We believe in being original

The Praguery founder, Jaroslav Mestka, fell in love with chimney cakes from the moment he was treated to his first trdelnik as a kid growing up in Prague. When he moved to Vancouver in 2014, he searched around for places that sold authentic Chimney Cakes but came away disappointed by what he found.

So he developed his own original recipe. It took a while to perfect the dough, but after some trial and error and a lot of determination, he knew when he got it right. His hard work paid off when he finally tasted a bite of home and felt like a kid again tasting his first trdelnik on a street corner in Prague.

We believe in options

The Praguery is proud to offer our authentic Chimney Cakes coated with sugar and cinnamon, or you can choose from a variety of other toppings and flavours.

Are your taste buds calling for something sweet or savoury? No problem, we have both.

Vegan? Don’t worry, we thought of you too. Our dough is vegan-friendly and our menu carries a selection of toppings appropriate for vegan diets.

Whether you choose sweet or savoury, if you’ve never tried a Chimney Cake before, then get ready a real treat!

Prague’s Cones

Prague’s Cones are unique ice cream treats that put a delicious spin on traditional Chimney Cakes. Rolled by hand and baked fresh, Prague’s Cones are coated with cinnamon and sugar and filled with premium soft-serve vanilla ice cream.

One bite of these mouth-watering, fresh-baked, fluffy doughy pastry cones and you’ll never want to go back to regular ice cream cones again!


The Original Czech Dougnut Ice Cream Cone

Jaroslav Mestka had started developing his menu for The Praguery and was perfecting his chimney cake recipe when he went on a trip back to Prague to visit his family. During his visit, he decided to check out some places selling trdelnik (chimney cake), hoping to find a unique spin on this popular Czech street food that would inspire some new ideas for his own menu.

Noticing a long line-up at a small bakery near Charles Bridge, he saw people walking away with what looked like a delicious ice cream dessert. When he discovered that the cones were made from the same doughnut-like pastry as traditional chimney cakes, he immediately went to work to add this unique doughnut ice cream cone treat to his menu.

They taste as good as they look but don’t just take our word for it. Swing by a Praguery food truck and treat yourself to a Prague’s Cone the next time hunger strikes.

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